Wednesday, October 21, 2009

500 Pencils Competition

As seen in The Black & White, is co-sponsoring a student competition to draw 4 scenes for a children's coloring book:
Devise 4 scenes of an original story and illustrate them for a coloring book for children of ages 5-7.
We are looking for imaginative, positive stories and illustrations that translate into fun coloring-in pages for young kids.

You must be a student to enter (winner and honorable mention recipients will be required to provide proof of their student status).
Your narrative and drawings must be understandable to 5-7 year olds.
The 4 scenes must be consecutive scenes, but they do not need to tell an entire story from start to finish.
As with all coloring book illustrations, the drawings must be outlines.
Your story and drawings must be original.

Your entry must include:
• 4 illustrations that follow the requirements stated above.
• A brief description of the scenes and characters depicted.

$500 plus a set of 500 Colored Pencils to the winning design.
Judges may award up to 2 Honorable Mentions to receive a set of 500 Colored Pencils.

You know, I hate colored pencils. Just hate them. But even I would kinda like 500 of them. Imagine the colors!


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