Thursday, January 27, 2011

3x3 International Student Show

3x3 Magazine, which, you know, is pretty great, has a student show coming up.

Information here.

Please note that the web page lists all the dates as "2010," but otherwise all the information is current.

You can check out 3x3 Magazine at the MCA Library.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Inspirational Note

Emmy-award-winning and frequently shirtless cartoonist Dean Haspiel has posted the following call-to-arms:

Dear, Content Maker--

Being published by someone else does not legitimize your hard work. And, the financial advance hardly pays the rent. Think about that the next time you sign a contract for your original ideas. I trust a firm handshake over most of the jargon they write into those binding contracts, anyway.

Sadly, the death rattle of print is shivering its way towards the way we currently package and distribute our wares, and marketing is a publishing luxury of the past. The good news? There is a new dawn on the horizon where the author will become the provider, publisher and publicist. Don't let it daunt you. Continue to network, make strong allies, be aware, show up, and be gracious. The digital age was created by us, for us. If you can procrastinate one hour a day, you can certainly keep track of what's what. Train your eye and keep tabs and make something new.

Bottom line: keep making original content and stop giving it away to publishers. If you're going to give it away, then benefit from it. Meanwhile, hold on a little bit longer for the paradigm shift to settle in. Exclusive content, destination points, and perceived value is the name of the game. Meanwhile, watch how many publishers close shop in 2011 and know that we're on the cusp of a publishing revolution. Be armed with your stories and get ready. People love to read.


Dean Haspiel
Something to think about.