Monday, September 27, 2010

Thrasher's Journey

Pal and former student, James Callahan, has a process piece up at Thrasher Magazine. Nothing new, informationwise, for grizzled illustration veterans such as ourselves, but it's lovely to see the various stages of James' work.

Thrasher's The Journey Drafts

James Callahan

Ming Doyle

I love Ming Doyle. Hopefully you do too! There's a rad interview with her here discussing her process, comics, and culture. Check it out!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

24 Hour Comic Day

What is the 24 Hour Comic Challenge?
24 Hour Comic Day is a challenge to complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours.

24 Hour Comic Day will begin October 2nd, with registration in DA3 from 10am-12pm. It officially starts at 12pm, and students are allowed to work at the school until midnight that night, at which point they should plan to gather in groups elsewhere. Everyone is to reconvene at 12pm the next day, October 3rd, to display what you have finished and receive prizes for your hard work!

Also, free pizza and donuts for those who register and participate.

Judging begins at 12:30pm October 3rd and prizes are awarded at 2:30pm.

Contact Shane McDermott with any burning questions (

After you finish your comic, you can also submit it to the OFFICIAL 24 Hour Comics website! Official rules and details are located here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lois van Baarle

Alex and I have been discussing our mutual love of Illustrator/Animator Lois van Baarle lately. She's a Dutch animator who specializes in really, really cute drawings of Disney-esque ladies and has mind-blowing digital painting skills.

One thing you learn from looking at her art, however, is that no matter how skilled you can be technique-wise, if you don't work out your anatomy or the basics of your image, it can still fall apart slightly in the final. (A few of her images lack the attention in her hands than are shown in her faces, and tend to distract from the images as a whole.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moebius Strip

Well, this is neat.

See more wonderful things at Jim Woodring's blog.

Linzie Hunter

First off, hey cool I'm Illustraton Rep! Second off, I wanted to show off this cool Illustrator I found. I might possibly do "Illustrator of the Week"(s) digitally. Or more than once a week, because I constantly find cool people that everyone should see. Lately, I've been really interested in limited linework in Illustration, and just that "cut paper" feel accomplished digitally, which Linzie Hunter does perfectly.

Also, relevant (sort of) to comics students, she does her own lettering. Extremely well.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Recruiter from Taylor Studios

An exhibits company out of IL, Taylor Studios is coming to MCA this Wednesday at 3:45 to receive resumes and to review portfolios of sculptors and designers who would like to get into the exhibit design industry. We will be meeting in the sculpture studios. If you would like to apply, please RSVP -

summer internships also available

Exhibit Artist / Fabricator
Taylor Studios Inc. is accepting resumes for an Exhibit Artist/Fabricator with broad fabrication skills such as painting, model making, sculpting, carpentry, mold making, casting, metalsmithing; knowledge of production methods and reading design and construction drawings; some experience in three-dimensional production field. This is an entry level position, degree not required, hands-on experience preferred. Portfolio required. Please send application, portfolio, and/or cover letter and resume to the address below (no email submissions), no phone calls please. Taylor Studios is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Graphic Designer
Taylor Studios Inc. is accepting resumes for a full-time Graphic Designer. Duties include production of exhibit graphics, including graphic and text panels, labels, photo murals, banners, posters, environmental graphics, and directional signs. Projects may also include design for electronic media, including web-based and interactive programs. Knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign is a must. Knowledge of other design software is recommended. Candidate must be detail oriented and able to work quickly and meet deadlines. Bachelor's or Associates degree in Graphic Design or a related field is preferred. For consideration, send cover letter, resume and portfolio samples to the address below (no email submissions), no phone calls please. Please download an application (link at the bottom of the page) and submit with your resume. Taylor Studios is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Museum Exhibit Designer
Taylor Studios Inc. is seeking resumes for a skilled Exhibit Designer with background in museum exhibit design and/or theatre design. Candidates should have experience in drafting and 3-D design. Duties include: leading project design teams, creating exhibit floor plans, museum exhibit designs, lighting design, budgeting design elements, presenting designs to clients, and collaborating with clients, other industry professionals, and A/V firms. Knowledge of 3-D software, Illustrator, and Photoshop is required. Knowledge of CAD, Sketch Up, and other design software is recommended. Some travel required in making client presentations. Candidate should have good presentation skills, and strong exhibit design skills. Some knowledge of graphic design & production is a plus but not required. Candidate must be detail oriented and able to work quickly. Bachelor’s degree in Design is required. No tradeshow design resumes please.