Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey! Kids! Comics!

from Elliot Boyette's BOONDOG
Comics 4 is a class about serialized storytelling and digital distribution (in other words, webcomics).

It takes years for a webcomic to mature, and these strips have only had a few weeks to get their feet under them. But we're on a semester-cycle, here, and it's past mid-terms; time to throw them to the wolves of public scrutiny!

Please check them out and give plenty of feedback! These poor cartoonists have only had me nattering at them so far, and I'm sure they'd appreciate hearing some other voices.

Rory-Ann Austin
Done With Kissing

Alex Barton
Duncan’s Moving Parts

Elliot Boyette

Kayla Cline
Slag Valley

Lauren Rae Holterman
Serpent Feathers

Matt Ryan
The Ballad of Hank Fox

Devin Taylor
Rosa Vs. Retirement

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